Easyteck is a Fonex brand.


Since 2010 it has been producing tablets, mobile phones, corded and wearable.

Each product is designed to be extremely intuitive.


The wind that shapes a dune in the desert, the water that erodes the rock, the disheveled mane of a lion they are the spotaenean behavior of nature.

Easyteck products have such a simple interface to give the feeling of making a familiar, spontaneous gesture, as only nature knows.


The Easyteck brand includes a wide range of products dedicated to meeting different needs, which all share the same objectives: to communicate constantly in the simplest way, at home or in the office, for all age.



It features an internal 3″ and an external 1.8″ display.


It offers an improved user experience designed for audiences of all ages. With photo function for favorite contacts and announcement of incoming numbers.

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When ease of use does not give up on design.


It meets the specific needs of older people without giving up an elegant and modern design

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Flip cell phone with a clean, elegant and non-slip design.


It is a comfortable, compact and non-slip product with active flip to answer and end calls quickly.

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The potential of the top of the range contained in an extremely intuitive device.


Home, work, free time… take Easyteck tablets always with you thanks to their small size and weight.

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